for only those who bear the cross may hope to wear the glorious crown., 758

Who wear the spotless raiment, who raise the ceaseless song, 107

whose joyful virtues put to shame the casual way we wear your name, 644


At last the march shall end; the wearied ones shall rest, 786


here grasp with firmer hand eternal grace, and all my weariness upon you lean., 421


and still their heav'nly music floats o'er all the weary world, 286

and though my heart grows weary, I never will despair, 792

Come, you weary, heavy laden, lost and ruined by the fall, 765

God of our weary years, God of our silent tears, 707

God's word of truth and justice sets weary captives free, 503

his manna for each hungry soul, the lost and weary find., 487

I came to Jesus as I was, so weary, worn and sad, 606

Jesus, give the weary calm and sweet repose, 567

Jesus, refuge of the weary, blessed redeemer, whom we love, 331

lay down, O weary one, lay down your head upon my breast.", 606

O rest beside the weary road, and hear the angels sing., 286

Source of courage when hearts are weary, 499

the shadow of a mighty rock within a weary land, 329

the weary find eternal rest, and all who suffer want are blessed., 404

yet with a steady beat, have not our weary feet, 707


Thank you, God, for weaving nature's life into a seamless robe, a fragile whole, 654


and at Cana, wedding guest, in your Godhead manifest, 313

now the wedding, now the songs, now the heart forgiven leaping, 414

We answer all in joy your call, we follow to the wedding hall.", 258


tear out the weed, and sow the seed. Prepare our hearts your word to heed, 501


give his angels charge at last in the fire the weeds to cast, 450

wheat and weeds together sown, unto joy or sorrow grown, 450


O Lord, who through this holy week did suffer for us all, 348


Bless these lives of dedication -- days and seasons, weeks and years, 665


ah, how he does weep and groan our rebellion to atone., 346

give patience as we watch and weep, though mercy long delay, 750

rest, where none weep, till the eternal morrow, 805

show us that bright shore where we weep no more., 799

we may weep beneath his cross, but he wept and bled for us., 346

yet oft ashamed we weep before you, that we by sin our Lord have slain., 340


Faith in the conscience works for peace, and bids the mourner's weeping cease, 700

often weeping, often weeping grateful tears of joy., 636

When in you I end my race, weeping shall forever cease., 808


O sacred head, now wounded, with grief and shame weighed down, 345


Lift from our lives the weight of our wrong., 489

Lord, whose love in humble service bore the weight of human need, 148, 688

Take up your cross, let not its weight fill your weak spirit with alarm, 758

though ills have weight, and tears their bitterness., 807


Be welcome, Lord; be now our guest, 307

Come, you thirsty, come and welcome, God's free bounty glorify, 765

from weaponry to welcome, turn our hand., 766

He bade me welcome, O word of mercy; he bade me welcome, O voice divine., 775

Here our children find a welcome in the shepherd's flock and fold, 564

How shall I meet my Savior? How shall I truly welcome thee?, 269

How shall I meet you, Jesus? How shall I welcome you?, 268

Just as I am; thou wilt receive, wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve, 762

Little children, welcome!, 679

may God's love stand firm beneath you, welcome you with glad embrace!, 443

Midnight hears the welcome voices and at the thrilling cry rejoices:, 258

now the kneeling, now the plea, now the Father's arms in welcome, 414

O let us day and night be found waiting with joy to welcome thee, 8

Our doors swing wide to welcome all who come responding to Christ's call., 520

that they too may know his welcome and his countless blessings share., 526

Then may we know you, welcome and show you, 149

This child of God, though young or old, we welcome now into Christ's fold, 410

Those who then are loyal find a welcome royal., 270, 273

Though eyes be dim or cannot see, we welcome what you know that we, 520

We bid you welcome in the name of Jesus, our exalted Head., 432

We welcome you among us here, with joy that God has brought you near., 169, 174

Welcome among your flock of grace with joyful acclamation, 200

Welcome, O my Savior, now! Joyful, Lord, to you I bow., 261

welcome this, God's gift most dear, eager to adore him., 300

Welcome to earth, O Child Divine; a gift so rare, a jewel fine., 299

welcome us, as you were welcomed, to an endless Eastertide., 370

Yet hands can speak to eyes that hear and gentleness makes welcome clear., 520

your hands swift to welcome, your arms to embrace:, 802


Into God's fam'ly, we have been welcomed., 408

welcome us, as you were welcomed, to an endless Eastertide., 370

when each will be your welcomed guest in heaven’s high and holy feast., 228


Christ welcomes all and so do we, whate'er our limitation be., 520


even so, it is well with my soul., 754

it is well, it is well with my soul., 754

well spread

Ponder now the meal well spread, on the table, wine and bread., 227


you, Lord, their captain in the well-fought fight, 390


O may our imperfect songs and praises be well-pleasing unto you, Lord Jesus., 207


wellspring of the joy of living, ocean depth of happy rest!, 544

Wellspring, source of life eternal, drench our dryness, make us whole., 767


and the wellsprings of salvation, all the needy to revive and cheer, 528


As pilgrims through the darkness wend till dawns the golden day., 786


and so revealed his presence there, they wept for joy and trembled, 396

I have wept for love of them, they turn away., 641

the Healer feigned no callous mask; moved deeply, Jesus wept, 338

we may weep beneath his cross, but he wept and bled for us., 346

When Jesus wept, the falling tear in mercy flowed beyond all bound, 335


Far as east from west is distant, God has put away our sin, 458

From north and south, from east and west we raise, 623

God removes all our transgressions far as east is from the west, 534

In Christ now meet both east and west, in him meet south and north, 523

In Christ there is no east or west -- he breaks all barriers down:, 781

In Christ there is no east or west, in him no pride of birth, 781

In Christ there is no east or west, in him no south or north, 523

in north, and south, and east, and west abroad, 516


Go northward or southward, go eastward or westward, 304


God of the sparrow God of the whale God of the swirling stars, 26, 462


Whate'er I do, where'er I be, still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me., 787


wheat and weeds together sown, unto joy or sorrow grown, 450

You satisfy the hungry heart with gift of finest wheat., 417


O use me, Lord, use even me, just as you will, and when, and where, 646


O use me, Lord, use even me, just as you will, and when, and where, 646


Whate'er I do, where'er I be, still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me., 787


If I, seduced by thoughtless whim or word, 759


alive and quick to hear each whisper of thy word, 609

and holiness shall whisper the sweet amen of peace, 753


Angels descending bring from above echoes of mercy, whispers of love., 714

The blood of Jesus whispers peace within., 710


An angel clad in white they see, who sits and speaks unto the three, 369

forever and forever are robed in purest white., 814

The white-robed army of martyrs praise you., 234


by your Spirit send your power to our world to make it whole., 688

Come as a teacher, sent from God, charged his whole counsel to declare, 432

Come, Spirit, come, our hearts control, our spirits long to be made whole., 590

Convert our wills and make us whole; wean us from selfish strife, 338

eyes and ears he gave to us to help each other the whole day through., 649

filled by you with one great passion: that the world may be made whole., 619

Grant us joy so we may share it! O! Restore us; make us whole., 632

hands and feet he gave to us to help each other the whole day through., 649

in a living communion, where our lives are made whole., 748

It makes the wounded spirit whole, and calms the troubled mind, 487

Let the whole creation cry, "Glory to the Lord on high!", 127

Lord of the desert places, keep me whole., 755

Manifest in making whole, palsied limbs and fainting soul 313

minds and hearts he gave to us to help each other the whole day through., 649

My sin -- not in part, but the whole – is nailed to the cross and I bear it no more, 754

No one who is strong and whole needs a doctor for relief, 416

Now heal our anger, hurt and pain; now make the wounded whole., 674

of those who long for oneness and yearn to be made whole., 503

Thank you, God, for weaving nature’s life into a seamless robe, a fragile whole., 654

that our life and whole salvation, flow from Christ’s blessed incarnation, 197

that whole and sick, and weak and strong, may praise you evermore., 736

The earth is the Lord's own possession, not the tithe, nor the half, but the whole:, 656

The universe restored and whole will sing: Alleluia!, 366

Then bless his holy name, whose grace has made us whole, 546

There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole, 500

to feel the pain that tears the soul, to spread the joy that makes one whole., 440

Wellspring, source of life eternal, drench our dryness, make us whole., 767

Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were an off’ring far too small, 80, 350

where broken spirits are made whole, for God himself is here., 439

with Christ we die and live again, his selfless love has made us whole., 221

with sympathy that understands and makes the needy whole., 524


Lord of harvest, grant that we wholesome grain and pure may be., 450

O most wholesome balm of healing, all our debt to sins repealing, 419


from all sin deliver me, that I wholly yours may be., 202

no merit of my own I claim but wholly lean on Jesus' name., 771

till we depart, our lives be true, devoted wholly unto you., 643


For us by wickedness betrayed, scourged, mocked, in purple robe arrayed, 485

Turn from wickedness and evil; God will pardon, cleanse and heal., 780


And if the world were twice as wide, with gold and precious jewels inside, 307

and let your Holy Spirit guide our journey in your grace so wide., 272

Come, Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ; our hearts are open wide in trust, 272

Fling wide the door, unbar the gate; the King of glory comes in state, 272

Make wide that wisdom and that grace to include the races and viewpoints our families exclude, 678

Open wide our hands in sharing, as we heed Christ's ageless call, 652

the chosen fam'ly God has blessed now spans the whole wide earth., 781

Then fling the gates wide open to greet your promised King!, 344


My Lord, you wore no royal crown; you did not wield the pow’rs of state, 583


and bade its angry tumult cease and gave for wild confusion peace:, 725

Jesus calls us; o’er the tumult of our life’s wild, restless sea, 600

Rivers and seas and torrents roaring, honor the Lord with wild acclaim, 545

Your people despoil all the sweetness of earth; the briar and thorn grow wild, 682


a home within a wilderness, a rest upon the way, 329

and flowing throughout all the world's wilderness, 616

Christ Jesus, in our wilderness, you are our bread, our drink, our light., 337

Christ Jesus knew a wilderness of noonday heat and nighttime cold, 337

O, refresh us, O, refresh us; trav’ling through this wilderness, 559

when in the wilderness I find no spring, 755

with manna in the wilderness, with water from the rock., 411


and in each family, your will and purpose to fulfill., 677

and serve the human fam'ly by putting God's will first., 503

and to God's will obedient prove through Jesus Christ our Lord., 364

As by the celestial host, let your will on earth be done, 74

as his faithful friends he greets us, partners of his work and will., 211

As you will, I would not choose; only let me hear your call., 42

As your angels serve before you, so on earth your will be done, 1, 66

bend it to your own pure will, all my life with graces fill., 223

Bless the Lord, hosts of heav'n, ev'ryone who does God's will!, 534

Blessed are the strong but gentle, trained to serve a higher will, 595

Breathe on me, breath of God, my will to yours incline, 494

by day and night, a heart that still moves at the breathing of thy will., 609

Christ, heal the scars, and draw us all together in him whose will is peace and joy and rest., 671

Do we attempt to do your holy will? Does constant love for you our poor hearts fill?, 742

Early let us seek your favor; early let us do your will, 731

faithful to his Father's will and heedless of the cost., 336

For we all have heard his voice, all have made his will our choice., 126, 525

give these, and then your will be done; thus strengthened with all might, 750

God's Spirit works through mortal mind and will., 629

grant, O grant our hope's fruition: here on earth your will be done., 648

Heart with loving heart united, met to know God's holy will., 401

Hearts and minds your will discerning, lives alight with joy and praise., 111

his way to walk, his will pursue, his word obey., 425

Holy Spirit, mighty God, move our will, despite our sin, 497

Holy Spirit, pow’r divine, fortify this will of mine, 223

I need thee ev'ry hour; teach me thy will, 740

in all my work your presence find and prove your good and perfect will., 638

In the just reward of labor, God's will is done., 449

In us, through us, then forever, shall your perfect will be done, 98

Jesus, all our ransom paid, all your Father's will obeyed, 352

Let Christ endue our will with grace to fortify., 695

let my soul look up with a steadfast hope and my will be lost in thine., 607

Let your righteous will prevail. Reign victorious evermore., 760

let your will and pleasure be our only choice., 205

Love one another, bear no ill, share of the bounty, do God's will., 536

manifest in gracious will, ever bringing good from ill, 313

O Breath of Love, come, breathe within us, renewing thought and will and heart, 47

O God, your will disclose, your counsel let me find., 615

O Lord, in me fulfill whatever is your will, 737

O may I never do my will, but yours, and only yours, fulfill, 733

O may it all my pow'rs engage to do my Master's will., 645

O teach us all your perfect will to understand and to fulfill:, 734

O use me, Lord, use even me, just as you will, and when, and where, 646

Rejoice, rejoice, God's will stands firm throughout all time and space., 260

salvation shows in Christ alone, the perfect will of God makes known., 161, 509

satisfy your loving will: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

sent you the kingdom to proclaim, God's holy will to do., 321

simply follow your direction, to your will resign our choice., 716

so my word goes forth with power to perfect my gracious will.", 780

Still may we stand before your face, still hear and do your sovereign will, 31

Take my motives and my will, all your purpose to fulfill., 647

that the world may know the blessing of the doing of God's will., 635

that we may rise to know your love and prove your perfect will., 570

the Spirit by whose pow'r we kill our pride and do our Father's will., 333

there his will on earth is done; there his heav’n is half begun., 670

they're ready, Lord, so ready, Lord, to go and do your will., 601

Through God's eternal will this child to us was given at midnight calm and still., 302

To do the will of Jesus, this is rest., 710

to do your will and glorify your name., 377

to him we bend each heart and will., 718

to know your will and keep from sin, your word I cherish in my heart., 510

to let our will and our desire be held in holy light., 801

to us your grace afford, and mold us to your will., 633

tokens of love and pledges brought anew, that our whole life is offered to your will., 158

until with you I will one will to do or to endure., 494

We have sinned against your law. We have failed to do your will, 760

We lightly take your majesty, pretend your will to clearly see, 738

Whatever God ordains is right; his will is just and holy, 718

with your love my heart now fill; prompt me to perform your will!, 744

your will be done on earth as 'tis in heaven, 575

your will on earth by each be done as each in heav'n would do., 399

yours the yearning, the will, the way., 499


With your own love may I be filled and by your Holy Spirit willed, 686


by your praying, by your willing that your people shall be one, 648

God, grant me strength to do with ready heart and willing, 615

myself a willing off'ring I give to you alone, 484

take up your cross with willing heart, and humbly follow after me.", 758

willing and ready, Christ's living body, loving the whole human race., 514

with gladness and a willing mind whatever is for us assigned., 643


Convert our wills and make us whole; wean us from selfish strife, 338


and gives us strength to challenge and to win, 459

As you with Satan did contend, and did the vict'ry win, 341

Christ beside me, Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me, 237

for they eternal life shall win! Alleluia!, 369

he comes as Savior, peace to win, and he will cleanse you from all sin.", 306

May his beauty rest upon me as I seek the lost to win, 585

daily pow'r to conquer sin; patient faith, the crown to win., 426

Come, love of Christ, afresh to win us; revive your church in ev’ry part., 47

Still he comes within us, still his voice would win us, 186, 270, 273

that truth to keep, that life to win, whose joys eternal flow., 661

think not to win God's aid if greed your commerce soils:, 695

though life be wrenched away, they cannot win the day., 788

to win disciples out of ev'ry nation, we are his witnesses., 626

we promise peace while yet we strive to win, 766

you alone to God can win us; you must work all good within us., 558

yours the war we wage on sin, yours the pow'r by which we win., 363


A mighty wind came blowing, filled all the swirling air, 378

I, the Lord of wind and flame, I will tend the poor and lame., 641

it has no spring of action sure, it varies with the wind., 604

Like mighty rushing wind upon the waves beneath, 376

Lord, breathe upon us with your heav'nly wind, 377

let sense be dumb, its heats expire; speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire, 739

Spirit of God, unleashed on earth with rush of wind and roar of flame, 379

Spirit, wind and flame, empow’ring fearless witness to the lost:, 223

the poor, the lonely know you as friend, stir us to action, O holy wind., 499

The cold wind in the winter, the pleasant summer sun, 467

There as the Father's word was spoken, not in the pow'r of wind and flame, 315

Wind of God, O earth-stirring Spirit, yours the passion we need this day., 499

yet small and still upon the breeze, a wind that stirs the tops of trees, 478


Fill us with urgency to search beyond the windows of the church, 440


Be still, my soul: the waves and winds still know, 757

O Savior, whose almighty word the winds and waves submissive heard, 725

the winds and waves obey him, by him the birds are fed, 453

wind's rush

like the vigor of the wind's rush, like the new flame's eager might:, 498


God the Spirit, guide and guardian, windsped flame and hov'ring dove, 642


and now with gifts of wine and bread, you nourish us new gifts to claim 225

Become the neverfailing wine, the spring of joy that shall incline, 424

beneath these forms of bread and wine enrich us with your grace divine., 228

Bread and wine convey your presence as a mystery in essence., 419

by pledge and sign of bread and wine to fold us in his love., 227

Come, let us drink, for now the wine is poured., 423

For the bread which you have broken, for the wine which you have poured, 190, 229

freshen my lips with wine, my soul with bread, 755

gives us bread and wine and mem'ry that our vision may be clear., 659

God made flesh, who dwelt among us giving bread and wine as sign., 193

He took the cup and blessed the wine: "Share this new testament, my blood!", 355

here, as bread and wine are taken, Christ sustains us, as of old., 564

here drink with you the royal wine of heav'n, 421

lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget thee, 707

manifest in pow’r divine, changing water into wine, 313

Ponder now the meal well spread, on the table, wine and bread., 227

See, the feast of love is spread, drink the wine and break the bread --, 413

that living bread, that heav'nly wine, be our immortal food., 411

The bread and wine remove, but you are here, 421

the water redd'ning into wine proclaims the present Lord., 312

through your symbols of redeeming, wine and bread in likeness seeming., 419

We have gathered at your table set with bread and wine, 420

We take the bread and wine from him, the crucified:, 210

who gives your peace in water, bread and wine:, 766

with the choicest wine of heaven Christ's own blood to us is given., 588


above its sad and lowly plains they bend on hov'ring wing, 286

And wing my words that they may reach the hidden depths of many a heart., 646

Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o'er all the earth, 293

cover my defenseless head with the shadow of thy wing., 724

look now! for glad and golden hours come swiftly on the wing., 286

to touch our lips, our minds inspire, and wing to heav'n our thought!, 531


Ride on! Ride on in majesty! The winged armies of the sky, 343


and as on eagles' wings upborne to heav'n ascend., 468

and beneath your wings may I find shelt'ring grace, 756

and dark is his path on the wings of the storm., 566

be with us as we try our wings, and keep us safe from harm., 801

flourishing as God has granted, soaring high on Spirit wings!, 665

God made their glowing colors, God made their tiny wings., 467

Keep me, O keep me, King of kings, beneath the shelter of your wings., 569

You still fill us with your Spirit; lift us up on eagle’s wings, 622

Light and life to all he brings, ris'n with healing in his wings., 295

God be with you till we meet again; ‘neath his wings protecting hide you, 824

God like a mother eagle hovers near on mighty wings of power manifest, 459

shadows with his wings your head, guards from all impending harms, 729

shelt'ring you under his wings, O, so gently sustaining., 530

Still through the cloven skies they come, with peaceful wings unfurled, 286

their bright wings above me, watching round my bed., 567


Help me the slow of heart to move by some clear, winning word of love, 735

not for the sake of winning heav'n, or of escaping hell?, 602


he breaks the cruel oppressor's rod and wins salvation glorious., 788


all is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin, 450

He frames the winter skies, his silver stars I see, 466

he sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain, 453

In the cold and snow of winter there's a spring that waits to be, 797

Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest, 460

The cold wind in the winter, the pleasant summer sun, 467

When cloudy and difficult winter is past, God will work our great restoration., 393

would bear one perfect flow'r here in the cold of winter and darkest midnight hour., 302

winter's night

in fields where they lay keeping their sheep on a cold winter's night that was so deep., 290


make darkness turn to day, wipe sorrow's tears away, 705